Concorde RTW tours 1976-2001

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    This tour recreates the vast majority of round the world tours made by Concorde along her history; including one around Africa and another one around the American Continent.

    All the legs in this tour are ordered following a strict chronological order. Because of this, there are some peculiarities:

    1. This is not the typical round the world tour, but an endurance one. It runs over 847,095 nm (great circle) along 437 legs. That makes an average of almost 2,000 miles per leg. Flying one leg per day you will need a year and 7 weeks to complete the tour.
    2. There are 89 different destinations, and some of them are visited quite often. For example, the 6 most frequent destination are visited 20 or more times. However, and despite what it may seems at first, there are not 2 identical world tour even when sharing common destinations.

    Because of this, you may consider installing detailed sceneries of some of the most frequent airports. As you will be flying into and out of some of them quite frequently, it can be a good investment.

    At the end of this document there is a list showing how frequently each destination is visited.

    1. 3. Sometimes there are small "hops" between Paris and London which are required to connect Air France and British Airways world tours (or vice versa).
    2. I have tried to be strict regarding the chronology of the airports visited. For example, VHHX is planned as the destination to Hong Kong for flights made before 1990 and VHHH thereafter. Another example is Singapore: WSAP is the destination for flights previous to 1981 and WSSS after that year. Sometimes I have not been able to find out which airport Concorde used when visiting some cities. That is the case of Moscow, for instance. In those cases, the criteria followed has been using the airport with most traffic.

    v.1.0.8 - 20 November 2020

    • SID/STAR removed from route LFPG-EGLL and KJFK-KOAK
    • SID removed from route EGLL-KJFK
    • SID removed from route YSSY-PGUM
    • STAR removed from route VGHS-VIDP
    • SID removed from route VIDP-OMAA
    • STAR removed from route HECA-EGLL
    • STAR removed from route GOOY-SBGL
    • STAR removed from route SBFI-SCEL

     v1.0.7 20 August 2021

     Route SBFI-SBGL fixed

     v1.0.6 - 09 August 2020

     Full SID/STAR removed from KDFW - KOAK and VHHX -VIDP routes

     v1.0.5 - 22 July 2020

    • Removed SID/STAR points included by mistake in flights LFPG-EGLL
    • Removed an extra 0 in leg 103
    • Leg 045 updated for a more realistic supersonic flight
    • New supersonic routes for the flights VHHX-VTBD
    • Route UUEE-HECA edited to include supersonic leg
    • Supersonic leg simplified in route HECAVIDP
    • SID/STAR removed from leg PHNL-MMX

     v1.0.4 - 15 July 2020:

    • Corrected some typos in sequence numeration
    • Leg 342 changed from subsonic to supersonic

     V1.0.3 - 08 June 2020: SID removed from leg 029

     V1.0.2 - 02 June 2020: New route for leg 018

     V1.0.1 - 29 May 2020: All flight plans have been updated to FL600

     v1.0 - 26 May 2020: First published.