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    This checklist has been created by Concorde enthusiast Ramón Cutanda. I am not a real pilot and, except from some volunteered and limited beta testing, I have no professional relationship with FSLabs whatsoever. Therefore, this is not, by any means, an "official", "approved" or "real" checklist, either by FSLabs or British Airways.

    This checklist is MAINLY BASED ON real British Airways Concorde Flying Manuals, with updates up to 1st May 2003. I have also cross-checked many details with FSLabs' documentation and checklists included with their Concorde-X.

    Using the aforementioned sources, I have created this checklist according to the following criteria.

    • Omitting checks and actions for systems and items not simulated in Concorde-X by FSLabs, such as the oxygen system or weather radar.
    • Because this checklist is performed with the limitations of a virtual cockpit, 2D panels and by only one pilot instead of a crew of 3, I have done my best reordering the sequence of some items to avoid what I considered unnecessary panel jumps within Concorde-X. I have tried, however, to keep these changes to a minimum to respect the original flow.
    • Excluding exclusive electrical procedures only applicable to G-BOAG
    • Use different colours and font sizes to make the checklist both as useful and easy to follow as possible both by casual and advanced simmers. For hardcore simmers that know all the procedures in by heart I would recommend the simpler and quicker Ultimate Simple Checklist.

    This checklist includes real notes and comments to extend the knowledge about the systems and the reason for many of procedures followed. Please, take into account that as with almost checklist in aviation, some items are checked more than once during the flow. These double-checks are not a typo.

    This checklist is the result of an extensive review of several real British Airways Manuals put into practice along HUNDREDS of hours at the controls of Concorde-X. I truly believe this is the most complete and helpful checklist for Concorde-X. It has received several updates over the years and now that I have updated it with the most recent British Airways Manuals I have been able to find, I really cannot think of any more improvements. That is why I have called this checklist "Ultimate".

    I do hope you will find this checklist both easy to follow and useful.

    This file is available in two formats: PDF and Microsoft Word. Please choose the one you would like to  use.

    v3.0.7 - 06/November/2020


    • Added ENG FLIGHT RATING -> CRUISE check during 100% subsonic flights


    v3.0.6 - 21/August/2020


    • Some typos fixed


    v3.0.5 - 11/August/2020

    • Added Engine Recirculation Valve checks for final subsonic legs
    • TRIMS, PFDIS/Marilake Controller and BRAKES checks moved just before taxiing.
    • ENGINE CONTROL SCHEDULE check repositioned in At M 0.7 CLIMB CHECKLIST to avoid a "panel jump"


    v3.0.4 - 30/Jul/2020

    • Procedure for short supersonic flights updated
    • Added maximum wind speeds allowed for autoland
    • After Landing checklist revised with some corrections
    • ANTI-SKID ‘R’ lights test and PFDIS/Marilake Controller order change to make them more logical in a 1-member crew
    • Some typos fixed


    v3.0.3 - 22/Jul/2020

    Added some notes explaining the use of the Flight Directors after take-off and before touchdown


    v3.0.2 - 21/Jul/2020

    • Fixed wrong mouse button press for fast INS alignment
    • Added the disconnection from ground equipment (GRND CALL)
    • N2 noise limitation tables relocated
    • GRD IDLE switches set now "as required", depending on whether 4 engines are started at the gates (LO) or using Cross-Bleed start procedure (HI)
    • Added "de-air" reminder for long or subsonic-only flights
    • Added "IF THE ELEVONS ARE DOWN MORE THAN 1 DEG" or "CG AFT OF 59%" procedure
    • Added a reminder to check tank 9 contents are 4000 kg or more before shutting down engines
    • Several other minor corrections


    v3.0.1 - 11/Jul/2020

    Some corrections in the Engine Start procedure.